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Bikini Eye Doctor Offices Next?

on April 6th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

First it was the bikini car wash. Now folks in conservative Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley are grappling with bikini haircuts. Which makes me wonder, are medical offices next? Remember the Seinfeld episode with the dentist that had unspeakable magazines in the waiting room? Will optometry ever be lowered to this base behavior? Will unscrupulous ECPs ever consider “exploiting a niche” by having a bikini eye doctor office?
I’m sure there are many in the hair care field who are cringing at the situation in the SLC, but do hair dressers have an organized association that self polices? The AOA does publish ethical guidelines for practice, but the only thing remotely related to this subject is the phrase in the Code of Ethics “TO MAINTAIN their offices and their practices in keeping with professional standards,” which is subject to various interpretations. I propose that we self police ourselves so that communities won’t have to take it to courts. The AOA should have a written policy expelling from the association any optometrist who would endeavor to have a bikini carwash or pornography in their waiting room. Such things would debase our whole profession and should never be tolerated. Paraoptometric associations should also adopt this specific ethical guideline.

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