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Ode to Subway

on March 5th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

I’m going to depart from my optometry theme to sing the praises of Subway. I’m also going to admit to the whole world one of my most deepest, darkest secrets. One that sometimes alienates me from the rest of humanity.
I am not a sandwich eater.
I think it’s the texture, mostly. I can’t reconcile it. It seriously grosses me out. My wife, of course, is a normal person who eats sandwiches and loves to eat at Subway. When we spring for fast food, she always wants to go to Subway. I have to go across the street to some fast food place to get chicken nuggets (I don’t get a burger because that, of course, is a sandwich).
Enter Subway’s recent addition of toasted subs. Several years ago I forced myself to try a pizza sub because I like pizza, so I was hoping it would be similar. Wrong. The coldness of it all changes everything. Now, with toasted subs, it tastes and feels just like a pizza. It’s delicious!
Now I can stay by my family while ordering food. My family spends more time together because of Subway’s toasted subs/pizza sub.
I love Subway.
To Subway owners, please make sure pizza subs are on the menu in your store. You never know when I’ll travel outside of my home town and need a hot, toasted pizza sub.

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  1. I learned a long time ago that even if the pizza sub is not on the menu, just ask for a Spicy Italian with marinara. It comes with pepperoni and salami and your choice of cheese (I prefer provolone). Of course you will want it toasted.