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Optoblog rising up in the world

on March 1st, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

*shameless self promotion mode: on*
Optoblog is a rising star on the optometric blogging scene. This site was finally indexed by Google, so now people can find us. Yahoo and MSN indexed us right of the bat. Now when you mention optoblog.com when talking to your friends, they can actually google it and find the official site.
Another cool thing is if you enter “optometry blog” in a Google search, optoblog pops up in the middle of the second page. If you do the same search with Yahoo optoblog pops up on the first page at number 1.
We’re moving up in the world and big things are on the way. Soon I will have my first optometric instrument product review, and then we’ll start podcasting. Optoblog’s podcasts will be mostly informative and interesting interviews with distinguished players in the eye world. Right now I’m getting my things together for telephone interviews, but I plan on attending the June 2005 AOA meeting in Dallas to get quality recordings of live interviews. I will have daily blogs coming out of Dallas, so if you can’t make it, just read optoblog, and you will feel like you’re there.
Stay tuned for exciting things coming from optoblog.com.
*shameless self promotion mode: off*

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