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Optometrists’ Hobbies

on February 6th, 2005 | Filed under Optoblog

This week a received an unsolicited March 2005 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. I never asked for it, and it has “David Langford, Optometrist- O D” on the label. I can only assume they got my name from the AAOpt mailing list. Ever since registering for San Diego 2002, I have received approximately 2 metric tons of junk mail from ophthalmic-related vendors and manufacturers. (Does anyone know how to opt-out of AAO partner mailings?)
Anyway, the astronomy magazine got me thinking about hobbies that optometrists may be more likely to take up. For example, my father, an optometrist, has an interest in astronomy and was an astronomy merit badge counselor for Boy Scouts. He also enjoys photography. These are two very optics-centered hobbies. On the other hand, I don’t take a keen interest in astronomy and am lukewarm with photography. Computers are my hobby. So, there may be no correlation between occupation and hobbies, but at the very least, I can look at my issue of Sky & Telescope and appreciate the content because I have some understanding of what they’re doing.
The greatest thing about receiving a free issue of Sky & Telescope is that I can put it in an exam room since I am in desperate need of newer magazines! (But seriously, I’m glad none of the AAOpt partners know my fax number.)

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  1. I knew it was too good to be true. Sky and Telescope sent me a free issue, but today in the mail I got a bill if I wish to keep receiving it. They shouldn’t waste their paper sending me this stuff, but at least my waiting room has one more magazine.