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2012 Cache County Utah GOP Convention Audio

David Langford, O.D. on April 12th, 2012 under Asides, Optoblog, Podcast •  1 Comment

Here is most of the audio for the 2012 Cache County Utah GOP Convention held at Mt. Logan Middle School in Logan, UT on 4-11-2012 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. I neglected to “start the tape” for the county candidates, but I got the rest. I’ve broken the audio up into two files. Here is a list of the candidates and their corresponding time slots on each audio portion.

Part 1: 2012 Cache County Utah GOP Convention Audio Part 1

  • Senate Race:
    • William J. Lawrence 0:00-4:42
    • Jeremy Friedbaum 4:57-10:04
    • Dale Ash 10:11-15:20
    • Timothy Aalders 15:26-20:26
    • Orrin Hatch 20:32-25:15
    • Chris Herrod 25:26-30:26
    • Loy Brunson 30:34-35:41
    • Dan Liljenquist 35:48-40:59
    • David Chiu 41:06-46:20
  • Congress Distric 1:
    • Rob Bishop 46:47-51:13
    • Jacqueline Smith 51:23-55:44
    • Leanord “Joe” Fabiano 55:55-1:01:06

Part 2 2012 Cache County Utah GOP Convention Audio Part 2

  • Governor
    • Lane Ronnow 0:29-5:33
    • Ken Sumsion 5:45-10:48
    • Morgan Philpot 10:55-15:53
    • David Kirkham 16:03-21:17
    • William Skokos 21:24-26:37
    • Gary Herbert 26:45-31:54
  • Attorney General
    • John Swallow 32:40-37:38
    • Sean Reyes 37:47-42:46
  • State Auditor
    • John Dougall 42:52-44:46
    • Austin Johnston 44:53-49:53
  • National Committeeman
    • Don Guymon 50:06-53:00
    • Bruce Hough 53:08-56:18

Almost every candidate felt the need to relate their connection to Cache Valley. My vote for the funniest pander of the night goes to Lane Ronnow (listen to it on Part 2 0:58):

You know, everyone tries to tie themselves to where ever we are speaking, and I want you to know that, uh, in my misspent youth when I was a television news reporter I dated the dairy princess from Cache County.

Also, don’t miss Orrin Hatch’s joke at 20:51. LANGUAGE WARNING!!! 😉

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1-800 CONTACTS and WAL-MART DVD (audio only)

David Langford, O.D. on June 5th, 2008 under Optoblog, Podcast •  Comments Off on 1-800 CONTACTS and WAL-MART DVD (audio only)

I always wanted to do a podcast, but I’ve never gotten around to it because who wants to hear me ramble? I can say things more succinctly by writing them. I think a podcast is interesting when it’s a small group discussion or an interview with interesting people. I’ve never gotten around to recording either scenario, so I never published a podcast…until now.

In a previous post I linked to a YouTube snippet of the CEO of 1-800 CONTACTS, Jonathan Coon, giving a speech to Wal-Mart optometrists. Posting the entire video from the DVD would take too much bandwidth, but I managed to scrape the audio to share with you. So it’s not really my podcast, but it is a step in the right direction.

Again, if I get a legal letter from 1-800 or Wal-Mart demanding that I remove the content, I will of course comply; however, they did send this DVD to every Wal-Mart optometrist, and some of those optometrists also work in private practice settings. Also, this presentation defends 1-800 CONTACTS and Wal-Mart’s partnership better than anything I’ve heard. So, I think you will agree that every optometrist who is interested should listen to this talk (or watch it if you can borrow it from your nearest Wal-Mart Vision Center).

Enjoy. (Click the player below or download manually or subscribe to it in iTunes or subscribe to Optoblog’s site feed or podcast feed to automatically get it in your favorite podcatcher.)

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Optoblog Podcast 2005-06-11

David Langford, O.D. on June 11th, 2005 under Optoblog, Podcast •  2 Comments

I probably won’t transcribe my podcasts unless they are really interesting. Since this is my first one, it’s just me talking about this site. At the end is some surprise information that you won’t want to miss. 😉
In the future, I intend these podcasts to be recorded conversations and interviews with other interesting eye care professionals and industry persons.
You can listen to it by clicking Optoblog Podcast for 2005-06-11 or you can just use your iPodder application to automatically grap this and future podcasts. Simply copy the feedburner site feed into iPodder’s subscription list.
For those of you who have no idea what a podcast is please see ipodder.com or podcastx.com

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