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Optoblog Poetry #006

David Langford, O.D. on December 12th, 2017 under Optoblog, Poetry •  Comments Off on Optoblog Poetry #006

Opt School or a house?
Electricians make more cash.
Too late to drive truck?

As a mid-career optometrist still 20 years from any kind of retirement, I often wonder if I made the right decision. I’ve had to do some electrical work on my 1960 house (because that’s the kind of house an optometrist can afford) and really enjoyed it. Also I really like driving, so I probably should have been a trucking electrician or an electrical trucker.

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Part Time Optometrist Position in Utah

David Langford, O.D. on September 24th, 2013 under Optoblog •  Comments Off on Part Time Optometrist Position in Utah

Are you looking for a part time, fill-in-type optometrist job in Northern Utah? VisionHealth EyeCare is hiring a Saturday-only optometrist. See this webpage for a job description and how to apply.

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Utah Job Opening

David Langford, O.D. on May 18th, 2008 under Optoblog •  2 Comments

Those of you new grads scampering to find a job might want to check out the Wal-Mart located in Brigham City, UT. They’ve only been having fill-in doctors lately, so I’ve heard they are looking for someone permanent who could stick around and grow the practice.

Contact the Vision Center manager at the Brigham City Wal-mart, and she could put you in touch with the District manager who makes all the decisions.

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